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About - Capital Growth Property
Harness cash flow. Create wealth.



Capital Growth Property is a specialised boutique buyers agency focused on investors need to create wealth through property, create balanced property portfolios, and make research-based property acquisition

We offer strategy, advice, and services for all types of Investors. After a career developing residential and commercial property and building personal multi-million dollar portfolios we enjoy passing on our experience and knowledge. We enjoy building long-term relationships while building long-term investment portfolios.

Meet Jerry

Meet the man behind Capital Growth Property

Jerry Parker

Licensed Property Advisor

After a short career working for ANZ bank in New York City, Jerry, in 1989 at the age of 27 began his real estate career.Initially he became and became “rep on site” for 3 large subdivisions. Quick to see opportunity he began spec houses for owner occupiers.

By 1992, Jerry developed apartment projects. In 1995, He obtained a builders license and a real estate agents license.

Seeking further cash flow opportunities Jerry developed a small chain of coffee shops and built it into a multimillion-dollar business, which he sold in 2006.

After acquiring a Masters in Business Administration at Melbourne Business School, he began building his property portfolio. Jerry developed over 30 houses.

Then Jerry invested into commercial real estate, building design and constructing properties for national companies such as Beaurepaires Tire Centre.

The 2008 GFC, Jerry, like many de-leveraged his portfolio substantially to a more comfortable holdings and and entered into corporate consulting business with some of Australia premier corporate entities including BHP.

In 2012 Jerry began to consult to high net worth individuals through his private company Parker Investments Australia and created Capital Growth Properties.

Today he operates the boutique property advisory service Capital Growth Property and coaches investors in building investment portfolios for wealth creation and retirement.

Our Offer

We enjoy building long-term relationships while building long-term investment portfolios.


Proven and Tested Wealth Strategies

With over 15 years investment experience, we help you build your direct property investment business and it’s components for success


Access to Property Analysts Research

Investing can sometimes become complicated. Diving in with poor foresight could expose you to lots of risks. You don’t have to be.


Strategies to Manage Holding Costs

Properly assess and manage how much of your money are you going to have to tip in every month in order to hold a property.


Access to the Right Properties

We do not simply help you learn how to choose a good investment, we’ve graded properties ahead of time and we share them with you.


Strategic Property Portfolio Planning

Achieve your wealth creation goals and objectives with the right mix of property investments to make and maintain.


Wholesale Pricing and Insider Deals

Not only do we share practical advice, we share lots of good stuff, too. With us, you get access to wholesale pricing and insider deals.



We consider that most Australians would like to be able to retire with secure, passive income. It is a dream many Australian’s hold dear. While building our own growing property portfolios, we enjoy helping other like-minded people, do the same. We welcome you to partner with us & benefit from our research and expertise on an ongoing basis.

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