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Australia will be getting Tesla’s new Powerwall batteries in late 2015

Go off-the-grid and power your home with 100% solar.

Launched back in May, Tesla’s Powerwall battery has the potential to change how the average household consumes energy. The slick new lithium-ion battery system relies on solar panels to generate electricity, and then stores it for when it’s needed, which gives households the opportunity to not only cut their dependency on the electrical grid, but potentially free them up from it altogether.

And now the electric car manufacturer has announced that it will be making the rechargeable, wall-mounted home battery system available from local suppliers in Australia by the end of the year. “Powerwall will be available in Australia in late 2015 through a growing list of Tesla Energy partners,” Tesla said in a statement today. “The Australian Tesla Energy partners, in the coming weeks, will announce their unique Powerwall offerings to Australian customers.”



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