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Capital Growth Property - Property Case Study #1 - Capital Growth Property
Harness cash flow. Create wealth.

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Norm lives in Nambor and has worked all his life. He still works part time while his wife is a full time teacher and loves what she does. Norm is preparing for both their retirements they both have over $300k in industry superfunds as well as a 100% paid for house.

Over the next 10 years Norm wants to participate in the property growth he has seen across the country and topup is retirement. However, he is worried about taking risks against his house, his primary asset. With the help of CGP Norm was introduced to expand his consulting team with a financial planner who specialized in property. Norm and CGP were able to utilize a portion of the superfund in a new self managed superfund account to borrow.

CGP sourced a property for Norm adjacent to new Woolworths Centre, across the street from a large University, and down the road from a new national headquarters for a national insurance company. The property was “off the plan” and early in the development cycle, with great prospects for tenants. Norm bought a 3 bedroom property in Stage 1 for $395,000. Stage two prices came out at $412,000 and sold very well. Norm felt comfortable he was able to get an early capital gain. Also since he bought in his new superfund, his house remains unencumbered and not at risk from the debt he incurred to buy the property.


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